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At Bultaminds, elevating customer experience is viewed as an organisational priority.

Our broad expertise, combined with our tools, processes and frameworks enable us to deliver a cohesive and fit for purpose experience to our partners, both talents & organisations. We do understand how to create meaningful experiences that have a wider connection with the Talent, Talent Seeker and Talent search partner in achieving their aspirations.

We continue to evolve our service offerings through technology transformation, Talent database with a widespread network of Talent Search Partners.

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  • To always conduct ourselves in a manner that reflects our passion and commitment to deliver on customer expectations through continuous involvement of all parties.
  • To be acknowledged as a team of professionals with high standards & expertise to consistently facilitate optimum quality results for both our clients and candidates.
  • To keep acquiring relevant industry information and expanding our knowledge and expertise to be considered ‘Professional Consultants’ and ‘Trusted Advisors’.
  • To be innovative and creative and ‘add value’ in the talent solutions domain with every opportunity that we get from our partners to enhance the outcome.
  • To ensure that all our team members are committed to our Mission Statement and share similar values and high standards.
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Our vision is to be the Partner of choice for organisations in the talent solutions space. By 2023 we shall create/integrate a technology enabled ecosystem of talent solutions safeguarding Personal Privacy. The system will cater to both the established business houses and the upcoming ones (startups and msme) to give them intelligent data points to manage their talent better.

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Founder’s Message

Please accept our warmest welcome and thank you for visiting. Our website has information about the services we provide that you can explore.

People, Process, and Technology (PPT) are three areas of focus for us. At Bultaminds our passion is to partner with organisations in addressing their complex workforce challenges. Using Technology and Human Touch, we want to create talent solutions that will help our Partners manage their business more effectively.

As an organization, we are growing through a deeply rooted value system with trust-based relationships and mutual respect. Our goal every day is to build a business model that will stand the test of time and be sustainable.

Our mission is to support businesses in identifying HR technology to manage their talent, and give talent a technology platform to select jobs based on their skills, knowledge, and abilities. We are looking forward to learning how we can partner with you on your growth, regardless if you are a talent or a talent seeker, a small business partner, a big business house, or a future employee.

We believe in the ‘Power of Partnering’. Let’s Partner…